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  • Gift Customization
    Yes we can customize gift card for all retail orders. We have digital cards you can choose from depending on occasion. 1. Can I customize the box? Yes with minimum order of at least 30 pieces. 2. Can I customize the gift items? Yes with minimum order of at least 30 pieces. 3. Can I customize the names on the box? Yes. Please get in touch with us on the specifications.
  • How do I order?
    How do I order? 1. Please use this online shop and check out after shopping. 2. We will send payment details to the contact number you provided. 3. For customized bulk order please call us thru the numbers provided here. We are open from Monday- Friday, 8AM to 4PM.
  • How do I pay? Can you deliver?
    We will send you the bank details once you confirm your order with us. We have BDO, BPI, AUB and Gcash. For bulk orders, we require 50% down payment to process any order. Can you deliver? Pick up is the standard for all orders however we can also arrange delivery for you.
  • Can I buy just the box?
    Yes you can buy just the box, just head over to gift items and gift essentials are also available there.
  • What is Lasobox?
    Lasobox is a gift shop offering curated gift box that contains several gift items in a common theme. Lasobox offerings are suitable for wedding and corporate events. Lasobox can also customize based on target and budget of the client.
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