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At Lasobox®, our mission is to solve the age-old dilemma of what gift to give as special occasions approach. Lasobox®'s philosophy centers on delivering personalized, creative, and sustainable gift solutions for companies seeking to elevate their company giveaways that delight recipients and foster meaningful connections with clients, partners, and employees. Departing from conventional options, Lasobox® curated gift boxes are thoughtfully designed to encompass multiple items with a cohesive theme tailored to the occasion and the recipients.


  • PERSONALIZATION: Lasobox® specializes in creating customized gift sets tailored to the company's branding, message, and target audience. This personal touch ensures that the giveaways reflect the company's identity and resonate with recipients.

  • CONVENIENCE: By outsourcing the task of sourcing, assembling, and packaging gifts to Lasobox®, companies can save valuable time and resources. Lasobox® handles all aspects of the process, from selection to delivery, streamlining the entire gifting experience.

  • CREATIVITY: Leveraging on exquisitely-made boxes from Premium Box Corp, Lasobox® strives to offer creative solutions that captivate recipients and leave a lasting impression.

  • BRAND EXPOSURE: By incorporating company branding elements into the gift sets, such as logos, colors, and messaging, Lasobox® helps companies increase brand visibility and exposure. Each giveaway becomes an opportunity to reinforce brand identity and foster customer loyalty.

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Lasobox® sources high-quality products and packaging materials, guaranteeing that company giveaways are of superior quality and craftsmanship. This attention to detail enhances the perceived value of the gifts and reflects positively on the company.

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: At the heart of Lasobox®'s philosophy is a commitment to customer satisfaction. Lasobox® aims to exceed expectations, providing exceptional service and ensuring that each customer's gifting experience is seamless and enjoyable.


Ready to bring joy to your recipients? Allow us to ease your concerns and ensure your gifts are in capable hands. Just sit back, relax and trust that your gifts  are being expertly managed.

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CBK Power Limited

First time customer here and we are so satisfied with the gift boxes we ordered. The quality is superb, presentable- di ka mapapahiyang ipamigay. Expect returning customer next gift giving season. Mabuhay!


Sta Lucia Land Corp

It was a great pleasure to have worked with CEP/Lasobox® for our latest corporate giveaways. We commend the quality of their service and the responsiveness of its staff.


ACEN Corporation

Very elegant-looking boxes delivered within schedule.

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