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elevated gifting for every business today

curated gift boxes- The game changer in corporate giveaways

Sending gifts to business partners is already a culture in every company today. While this may be a simple task, Laso Box is here to step up the game by introducing the latest trend on gift-giving known as curated gift boxes. Veering off from the norm, these modern presents are the new "cool" in any industry as each of them offers the total package for having both impressive aesthetics and an unerring sense of value. Laso Box offers curated gift boxes creatively designed to contain different gift items with a common theme. To add more excitement, each gift set is nicely wrapped up in an exquisitely-made box that any giftee would definitely fall in love with.

So let us help you keep your company partners and clients happy by our curated gift boxes and let us take away your worry by getting this meticulous job off your shoulders! Laso Box can take care of your company giveaways from concept and design to delivery. Talk to us and together, let's revolutionize the corporate gifting in the Philippines today! 


pre-curated & custom gift boxes

Looking for corporate gifts? Laso Box is here to serve you spot on! Each gift box is carefully planned and curated to contain the most ideal and unique gift to send to your partners, clients, vendors and suppliers with no worries invested. Perfect for any corporate event, Laso Boxes are more than just giveaways as they can surely strike a happy mark to everyone. So grab a gift set and put your product launch, Christmas and any other company celebration you have with a whole drop of elegance, spreading appreciation with class.


“We're glad you're here! Together let's make your company gifting an extraordinary one!"

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