Personal Gift Box

Personal Gift Box


Whats in the box?


Premium Hand Soap (smell so good)

Artisan Soap- coconut milk

Lasobox Perfume

Bath Loofah

Vegan Leather Case

Comes with personalized gift card


    You are buying a premade gift set, items not included in the list of inclusions is not included thus may entail additional cost. If you are buying this for someone else, customize gift card is included. If you are thinking of other customization please let us know, if possible minimal fee may be charged. Our office is open from 8AM-4PM, Monday to Friday. Call us +63 2 8286 8162 or 0917120 8155.


    Please avoid placing an order if not sure. Paid items are considered done deal hence return and refund is not allowed. However due to reasonable circumstance, return could be accepted if discussed and approved within the first 24 hours after the transaction. Thank you for your cooperation & understanding.


    Shipping fee is shouldered by the customer. Delivery can be arranged.

    We ensure quality and shipping safety of our gift boxes however damages during transit by third party courier is not within our control. Should you wish to pick up your orders you are very much welcome.